The King of Brownswall

The King of Brownswall

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The King of Brownswall by Dave Abbiss

Nolan Stones, a half-hearted maverick on the verge of failing a philosophy degree, and his crew of dallying dreamers are spending another night setting the world to rights, whilst getting merry within the intoxicating walls of their local pub, Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Little do they know that Boca, a mysterious character who basks in their bold idealistic statements about changing the world together, is sitting on an adjacent table ready to plunge them head-first into revolutionary waters.

After Nolan’s meeting with eminent local philosopher, Doctor Herbert Loudrat, the group’s vehicle for changing the world reveals itself. Loudrat tells the story of King Mido, an ancient ruler who buried his crown somewhere on a local football field called Brownswall centuries ago. According to Loudrat, an ancient bylaw still exists, whereby he who finds this relic will rule over the field, independent of Great Britain.

The field itself holds fond memories for the would-be revolutionaries but they soon find out that creating a Utopian state isn’t as easy as they’d always believed it to be, especially when confronted by a ruthless syndicate who want to use the land for their own ends.

The King of Brownswall is a hilarious and exhilarating read that will have you laughing out loud one minute and gasping in suspense the next.

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