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Dave Abbiss is a Black Country author, born in the small town of Sedgley in 1984.  His first novel, ‘The King of Brownswall’ is located in his beloved hometown; he describes it as ‘reflecting a special time in my life, growing up with like-minded and idealistic friends’.

Although Abbiss graduated from the University of Nottingham in 2005 with a BA Hons in Philosophy and Theology, he does not have what might be described as the typical background of a novelist.  A trained teacher and FA qualified football coach, the writer of ‘The King of Brownswall’ spends much of his spare time trying to inspire the next generation of budding writers/fledgling football stars.

The 31 year old author has recently accepted that his own ambition to be a Premier League superstar may well be fading due to both age and lack of ability.  Therefore, while he plans to continue playing sport and keeping fit, he has vowed to dedicate the majority of his time to writing, for the foreseeable future.  Expect more books to follow on from the success of ‘The King of Brownswall’, which will also be available in paperback format later in the year.

A lifelong Nottingham Forest supporter, he described his two year stint as a columnist for the club as being ‘a dream writing job’.  Despite other writing success, his amusingly original first novel about a group of dallying dreamers who set up their own country on a nearby football field is the piece of which he is most proud.

Married to Sarah, with their first baby due in August 2015, Abbiss is looking forward to a happy future and plans many books to follow, with or without sleep.


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